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     Some of the other cleaning companies I called couldn't work around my schedule or they were too expensive. Walthamstow Village Carpet Cleaning had reasonable rates and flexible scheduling. Their cleaners have been doing a fantastic job.
Liz B.21/05/2020
     They did an amazing home cleaning for me today. I am grateful.
     I'm the full-time caretaker of my quadriplegic husband, and having to clean a house on top of taking care of him can be too much at times. Thankfully, Carpet Cleaning Walthamstow Village handles my house cleaning needs wonderfully. That gives me more time to focus on taking care of my husband.
     Our office is located in a remote area and it is not easy to find good cleaners around here. We have been searching for a reliable company for over a year now. Carpet Cleaning Walthamstow Village was a good find; they come on time and don't crib about the location either. We like the fact that they are punctual and hard working, and yes, they use professional grade tools and cleaning supplies. Thank you!
Mary S.23/06/2016
     I hired WalthamstowVillageCarpetCleaners because my upholstery had gotten pretty messy and I wanted a pro to clean it thoroughly. They came with the right products and with the right equipment, they got the job done really fast and my upholstery now looks wonderful. Thank you, you are really great!
Jolie 17/03/2015
     I really can't thank WalthamstowVillageCarpetCleaners enough for helping me and my wife with our house cleaning. Hiring these professional cleaners was a really great step for us, and now our home is always amazingly clean. Every area, from our oven to our bathroom taps, is always sparklingly clean - it's like we're living in a show home, and the best part is all the free time we now have! If you want a cleaning company this is one that I can't recommend enough!

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